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Eriri Spencer Sawamura (澤村・スペンサー・英梨々 Sawamura Supensā Eriri) is Tomoya's childhood friend. She is a student of class 2G art club.

She wears two hats as a student and a doujinshi artist.

Eriri is one of the most beautiful girls to attend to Toyogasaki High School. Her family is very affluent. Her father is an English diplomat and she lives in a mansion. She is the secret illustrator for a famous doujinshi circle called ''Egoistic Lily'' under the alias Eri Kashiwagi (柏木 エリ Kashiwagi Eri) when she participates in doujin activities. She was greatly influenced by her fujoshi mother and otaku father. She was the illustrator for Blessing Software.  

Character Bio


Eriri is a beautiful, petite girl with long, straight blonde hair, which is usually tied up into twin-tails, laced with two blue ribbons. Her eyes are light blue and she has very pale skin, which is probably inherited from her father. In the anime when there is a close up shot of her face, a small fang connected to her lip can be seen. She has small breasts, Utaha Kasumigaoka sometimes teases Eriri about it. Her face features and build resembles Sayuri Sawamura (Eriri's mother) heavily. She is usually depicted in her school uniform or casual clothes. At home, she wears glasses and a green tracksuit.


Eriri is a model and sophisticated young lady at school. Because of her manners, she is respected and idolized by other students at the school. When nobody is around, she reverts into a hardcore otaku just like Tomoya Aki. However, almost none of them know about her otaku side.

She is famous for being classy and independent, but she really is emotional and ferocious, as described by Tomoya. She is very hardworking as her occupation as an artist and with the support from Tomoya.

She is very determined at times. When Akane Kosaka insulted her drawing skills and said that they were mediocre, Eriri was very offended and drove herself to produce more art to prove Akane wrong, subsequently pulling herself out of her art slump.

Eriri also has a tsundere-like personality and gets embarrassed and blushes very easily. She attempts to hide her feelings for Tomoya although they are very obvious. When Utaha Kasumigaoka pointed this out, she became embarrassed and rebutted immediately. She seems angry and annoyed every time they have conversations in the circle, especially with Tomoya. She hits him with her twin tails whenever he says something that made her embarrassed or when Utaha getting near to him. However, on the inside, she is very kind and generous despite her klutziness.


Eriri is the daughter of Mr. Spencer (a British father) and Sayuri Sawamura (a Japanese mother). Eriri and Tomoya Aki are childhood friends. It is also shown that since Eriri was very little, she had always brought up Tomoya's name and that she only drew drawings leaving her studies aside.

Since elementary school, she's done nothing but focus on her drawings in stony silence, as if she wanted to forget something or to overcome something. Then, she recently started bringing up conversations about Tomoya, still a very little, but she seemed happy.


Tomoya Aki

Eriri and Tomoya are childhood friends and she is probably one of the closest people to Tomoya. Being childhood friends and spending most of their time in the past together, the two have developed a very close relationship with each other. They would usually fall in love with works together, sharing it to other people, and even preaching it together, smile, fight and may other things together. In the manga, she was near at kissing him; however, that was just for the game's MC. But Tomoya even said that he wanted to be friends forever with Eriri, because she was the first and almost only otaku friend he had, and because of this, it is heavily implied that she has romantic feelings for him, but she never admits it although her feelings are very obvious. She gets angry and jealous when Utaha gets too close to Tomoya and does something. However, Tomoya sees her as one of his best friends and he cares for Eriri a lot.

Eriri treasures Tomoya a lot and appreciates him, and vice versa. Tomoya's support keeps Eriri motivated to keep drawing scenarios to the game, even under pressure. She even overworked herself one time, as she didn't want Tomoya down since she promised that she would become his "number 1". Despite liking him a lot, Eriri starts to work under another circle with Akane Kosaka. Eriri feels like she cannot improve her skills as an artist if she stays with Tomoya because he never pressures her like Akane did at one point. This saddens both of them deeply.

Utaha Kasumigaoka

Eriri is always jealous whenever Utaha is near Tomoya, and sees Utaha as her rival. It usually starts with the scenario: Utaha is with Tomoya, Eriri gets frustrated because of their proximity, then the whole hinted romantic rivalry becomes her covetousness of Utaha's ample breasts. Utaha realized Eriri's inferiority complex and would sarcastically tease Eriri when she has the chance.[2] Eriri always says Utaha's full name when she gets annoyed or jealous of her, (and that happens very often). When working on Tomoya's game, they put their differences aside and work together.

It is later revealed, however, that they actually admire each other work a lot. Despite not showing it, they have mutual respect for one another as "creatives" in the industry. They understand each other and admire the work they create. After Eriri got back to drawing after being in a slump, Utaha was actually overjoyed and wanted to see her art immediately. Utaha knows Eriri's struggles about how she can't improve as an artist if she stays with Tomoya. Utaha mentions that she will always be there for Eriri if she wants to cry. They still have a friendly rivalry.

Megumi Kato

Eriri initially disliked Megumi because of her sudden entrance into Tomoya's life, but later finds a good friend in her to the point of referring to each other by their first names.[3][4] As Blessing Software's illustrator, she is often frustrated by her inability to emote and pose, and takes advantage of any hint of emotion that she lets off. Despite their strong friendship, she still finds herself being envious of Megumi's closeness with Tomoya, but accepts their relationship as a positive one. Eriri cares about Megumi's impression of her and is one of the first on her mind when things turn sour in the circle, as she once mentions apologizing to Megumi specifically in a message directed to Tomoya. When Eriri first called Megumi by her first name, she said it was a slip of tounge, but it actually wasn't. Utaha said to Megumi, if she goes to close to Eriri, she might turn her life into a living hell. However, Megumi still went to her and called her by her first name.[5]

Later in the series her friendship with Megumi was strained due to her leaving Blessing Software. However, they eventually reconciled.

Sayuri Sawamura

Sayuri is Eriri's mother. In the past, Eriri would usually go to Sayuri to play together and Eriri loves her mom.


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  • The name Eriri means "love, affection" (愛) (e), "plum" (李) (ri) and "pear" (梨) (ri).
    • Eriri (英梨): 'E' (英) means 'English' and 'ri" (梨) means 'pear'. The character '々' means that the kanji before that is repeated. It is possible that the kanji in 'Eriri' is used just for the reading of her name and therefore it does not have any determinable meaning.
  • Eriri's surnames Spencer & Sawamura each have meanings to it.
    • The British surname Spencer means "steward" or "administrator".
    • The Japanese surname Sawamura means "marsh" (澤) (sawa) and "town, village" (村) (mura).
      • It can also mean "swamp village" (澤村).
  • Eriri uses contact lenses at school. [6]
  • Eriri had 17 nicknames that were given by Tomoya Aki in elementary school, some of which already known:
    • Eririn[7]
    • Eringi[7]
    • Eriringowww[7]
    • Queen of England, Queen Elilizabeth[8]
    • Eriri Spelunker Sawamura[9]
    • Ery[10]
  • Eriri used to draw badly as a kid as described by Tomoya.



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