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Icy Tail is an all-female band which consists of four members: Tokino Himekawa, Echika Mizuhara, Ranko Morioka and Michiru Hyodo . All the members are otaku except for Michiru. The manager is Tomoya. He and the band members call one another by their nicknames as follows: Toki (トキ Toki) for Tokino, Echika for Echika, Ranko for Ranko, Mitchie (ミッチー Mitchī) for Michiru and Akkie (アッキー Akkī) for Tomoya.


  • In the final episode of the anime's first season, the band performed a cover of Sorairo Days by Shoko Nakagawa. This is the first opening theme of the famous anime, Gurren Lagann.[1]
  • Icy Tail is a pun on あいしてる (Aishiteru), which means "I love you".