I want to get better and better at my illustrations. I want people to feel moved. And.. I want to beat that person.

Izumi Hashima (波島 出海 Hashima Izumi) is a student in class 3A of Honoda Junior High School and a supporting-main character in the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata series. She later attends the same high school as Tomoya Aki, the Toyogasaki High School.


Izumi is an otaku and the member of the dōjin circle Fancy Wave (ファンシーウェーブ Fanshī Wēbu). It was through Tomoya Aki's influence that she became interested in otaku culture. She is deeply grateful to Tomoya for this. She has loved Little Love Rhapsody (リトルラブ・ラプソディ Ritoru Rabu Rapusodī), an otome video game series released by Sonar for the PlayStation Portable, since Tomoya bought her Little Love Rhapsody 2 and a PlayStation Portable console on her birthday. There is rivalry between Eriri Spencer Sawamura and Izumi, then Izumi decided to compete with Eriri in the next Winter Comiket. Izumi made up her mind to be the illustrator for Iori Hashima's (Izumi's older brother) dōjin circle "Rouge en rouge".


Izumi is a cute girl who is two years younger than Tomoya. She has Burgundy colored hair that is at least shoulder length in a twin tail fashion and two white flowers hair clips on each side and she has red-brownish eyes. Izumi is usually seen with her school uniform, or else her One Piece.


When she was younger, Izumi used to be very outgoing and active and played with the boys. But after being introduced to the world of otaku by Tomoya Aki, she has become immersed in the fandom.

Over all, Izumi has shown to very cheerful and glad, as she usually is seen with a smile on her lips. She usually is seen playing around, especially with Tomoya. Izumi is also very air-headed and childish and she rarely gives up on something that she really wants or likes. She has also shown to be quite matured.



Tomoya Aki

Tomoya and Izumi have a good relationship, but your typical senpai-kouhai relationship. However, they are on good terms and call each other by their first names. When Izumi met Tomoya again after three years, she said that she was very happy to meet him again. Izumi also gave Tomoya a letter, however, Tomoya mistook it for a love letter, and Eriri and Utaha also got very angry and jealous, but it turned out that it was a ticket for her doujin cirlce Fancy Wave.
Izumi is also very grateful to Tomoya that he showed her the world of otaku. However, following her parents job re-location, she moved to Nagoya but never stopped being a otaku. And now, she returns to Tokyo where her Otaku master Tomoya is.

Eriri Sawamura

Iori Hashima



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  • The name Izumi means "fountain, spring" (泉).
  • Izumi's surname Hashima means "bridge" (橋) (hashi) and "real, genuine" (真) (ma).
  • Izumi is the only main character that did not appear in the first episode (episode 0) in the anime.
  • As stated by Utaha Kasumigaoka, Izumi has bigger breasts than Eriri Spencer Sawamura.



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