Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Egotistic Lily Chapter 1 is the first chapter in the Saenai Heroine no
Sodateakta - Egotistic Lily manga series.  

Plot SummeryEdit

Tomoya Aki, a teenager who works multiple part time jobs to buy games and anime, was delivering papers one day when he met one of his stops who he apparently knew and talked to him briefly about an anime about to be released; the guy couldn't understand what he was talking about. After some inner monologues from him, he notices an unidentified flying object in the sky, which crashed down in front of him. Thinking it's similar to how a dating sim works he heads home and begins to write the outline for a Galge based on that experience. The next day at school--a high school which is less than a year old--he's confronted by a friend of his, who asks him if he has Amber Concerto, which he denies; he monologues that he did buy it, but gave it to someone else who wanted to borrow it. After some banter between the two a girl comes in the room and says that Hasami Sensei wants him to carry some materials to the AV Room. When he questions why, his friends says it's probably because he's always watching anime their without permission, so he should probably just help her out as gratitude for allowing him to do so. After some banter between him and the girl, Tomoya realizes that the girl he was talking to was the girl he met that one day who fell from the sky, named Megumi Kato. Later Tomoya takes Megumi to a cafe where they continued to chat, Tomoya wondering why she doesn't appear interested at all. Megumi tells Aki that he's one of the top celeberties in the school; when he questions this, she brings up a scene he made in the past which really stood out to everyone around. After shouting out that Megumi isn't plain, but simply has a "dead" personality, he's surprised when she doesn't get angry at him and is so easygoing. Later on Tomoya confronts another girl. He asks her to join him in the AV Room after school, and she refuses, but Tomoya stands firm and says he'll still see her later. After class, even though she refused she did show up to the AV Room and the two of them have some angry banter with each other. Tomoya explains that this girl, Eriri Spencer Sawamura, is a half Japanese half British girl, who's held in high regard at school, and has won art prizes since freshmen year.


  • Tomoya Aki
  • Eriri Spencer Sawamura
  • Megumi Kato