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Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Koisuru Metronome - Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Koisuru Metronome manga series.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]


The chapter starts with Tomoya Aki meeting Utako Kasumi (Utaha Kasumigaoka) and telling her that he is a big fan on her light novel Koisuru Metronome and that he has read the first volume more than 20 times every week and still crying about it. However, Utaha starts to remember Tomoya a little by little and then starts to say: ''Arent you.. Aki Tomoya from my school?'' Tomoya then realizes that he has met his Godess.

A year has now passed, Tomoya and Utaha are now at the editorial department of Fujikawa Shoten books. Tomoya thanks Utaha for coming, despite her being quite busy. However, Utaha tells him if the interview is boring, she may fell asleep during it, but Tomoya then tells Utaha to not threaten him, because it's his first time, but Utaha replies that if he wants to finish it innocently, then he have to keep her up all night. Tomoya yells at Utaha to stop saying that to avoid people to get confused during the day. Several hours later, Tomoya gets told that he is going to do a interview with Utako Kasumi by Sonoko Machida. She then tells him that then Koisuru Metronome series has ended, and that they want a interview article in in Fujikawa Shoten as the first step of a new series. But Tomoya tells her that they can't leave some unfamiliar writer with. Afterwards, Sonoko tells him that she got the permission from Utaha. Tomoya asks when it is, and Sonoko replies that it's now, which Tomoya gets shocked over and telling her that he is too busy.

Later, Utaha tells Tomoya that it was long time ago since they where together alone. Tomoya then tells her that even though the title hasn't been confirmed, the basic setting has been revealed to the public, he continuous to tell that the images surprised him, and also that the series takes place in ''the town'' that was the stage for Koisuru Metronome. Utaha replies that it's recycle while yawning loudly, and Tomoya then asks that if they can use their previous work, making Utaha almost fall asleep and replying ''maybe.'' Afterwards, Tomoya asks Utaha if she isn't taking the interview serioulsy, but Utaha tells him that she can't, because she's too sleepy. Tomoya then remembers Sonoko saying that: ''this is Utaha's first interview, she surely will be tense and act rough.'' Tomoya tells Utaha he can make up a interview with her because he known her well, but Utaha then replies that he should look forward to her next work with a smiling and bright face. Tomoya becomes happy and says that that sounds good and right. But Utaha tells him that they all now that she dont check anything other than her own manu-scripts, but fabricating her interview in front her is ''not good.'' Utaha tells that if people still read her works, she dont care what they other people think about her.

Later, Tomoya talks about Koisuru Metronome, that it was a really attractive romance story. But Utaha's comment was why he always have to back down at a real woman, and she then tells him that he is the epitome of men who run away at a critical moment; which is bugging her and that the reason why the MCS in her novels are pathetic cowards is because theres a coward; which is in this case Tomoya - who is mired in by the publishing ethics. Coming nearer Tomoya with a expressionless face, she shouts at him to please give her a normal interview, which Tomoya got scared of. After that, while Tomoya still being scared, he asks her why a interviewer has to be treated so harshly, but Utaha comments that that is her line.

After that, Tomoya told Utaha why she didn't sleep on the couch, but when he said that, she did a weird face. She then told him that she rather sleep if he gave her a boring interview, but they still have to do the interview. Tomoya tells her that her part is almost finished, and that Sonoko and he can take care of what's left during the consultation later, but Utaha questioned when - as she was her way to the couch and told Tomoya that she is going to take a rest. Tomoya replies that she is going to have a good one, and that she is going to call Sonoko here. However, Utaha told Tomoya to wait a moment. With a suprised face, Tomoya looked behind, where he saw Utaha sitting and saying him to come to the couch she was sitting at. Tomoya looking embarrased, went to Utaha while she had a serious face. Several moments later, it is shown that Utaha was using Tomoya's lap as her pillow, as she can't sleep without one. Because of Utaha was holding Tomoya's hand, he got very embarrassed.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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