Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Koisuru Metronome Chapter 3 is the 3rd Chapter in the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Koisuru Metronome manga series.  

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

This chapter opens up with Tomoya briefly narrating the events which already happened, after which stating that they next need to write a plot, the pillar of the story.  Tomoya is reading a book commenting that the plot was due Yesterday, but he's kept calling her and sending her texts, so it doesnt' feel right pushing her at school, too.  Tomoya is greeted by his friend and classmate, Kasmisato Yoshihiko, talking to him about a certain game called Amber Concerto, which Tomoya also enjoyed; the two of them promised to wait until they gratuate from high school to finally play the original Eroge that it's based on.  After that an unnamed girl comes by and says that Hasumi, a "moderately hot teacher" as he puts it, is looking for Tomoya.  She wants Tomoya to carrie some stuff to the AV Room for her.  Kamisato is about to leave, but Tomoya says he wants to "test their burning friendship" by leaving him in charge of the moving things.  When Kamisato says that Hasumi always calls him Tomoya, he has an embarrassing fantasy on the spot, which he discards immediately, claiming that something like this could never actually happen.  Tomoya says that he has no interest in women ten years older than him, but she let him use the AV Room for anime screanings, so he can't just discard her order.  Elseware, while in class, classmates are observing Utaha sleeping in class, Tomoya noting that this is always how the real Utaha Kasumigaoka acts like while in class.  The next day Sonoko Machida confronts Tomoya, asking him why the plot hasn't come yet.  Later that day, pressured by Machida, Tomoya visited Utaha's place, troubled by the many difficulties their is in being an editor.  After arriving, and realizing that she wasn't answering her door, he called her on her cell phone, which she answered.  Utaha says that she was asleep, and Tomoya berates her, informing her that the deadline for the plot was two days ago.  Utaha tells Tomoya to come in the house, informing him that her parents don't come home until late at night, just like his.  She then takes him to her roomm, where she works.  Once in her room, Utaha shows him that she already has the plot finished and printed off, irritating Tomoya even further, due to her not actually submitting it on time, but she explains that she's not satisfied with it yet.  She said some of the situation's and dialogue's are off, and Tomoya, realizing that something is off, can't exactly decide what it is, and wonders if she's having trouble because it's her first school harem story.  Tomoya reads the story off in his head and gets shocked and embarrassed at a certain part of nudity.  Utaha then starts to take her clothes off and tells Tomoya to follow her to the bathroom, embarrassing him even further. 

Characters[edit | edit source]

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