Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Chapter 3 is the 3rd Chapter of the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata manga

Plot SummeryEdit

This chapter opens with Eriri Spencer Sawamura being asked out by a guy in the hallway of the school.  Blushing, she says that she's flattered he asked, and he questions if she wants to delay her answer then.  Sawamura turns him down, claiming that they are far from each other, sending the guy away, depressed.  Tomoya Aki then shows up, revealing he had been watching that conversation by coincidence, causing Eriri to call him a dispicable individual.  Tomoya informs Eriri that he's made revisions to the Galge proposal, which he wants her too look at for him, causing her to get angry at him for pushing his proposal in her face, and Tomoya to comment on how violent she is despite her Moe appearance.  That day in class Megumi asks Tomoya if she has to write down her bust, waist, and hips size, asking if it's sexual harrassment, to which Tomoyo objects to.  Megumi asks if Tomoy's got Eriri and Kasumigaoka in the team yet and he says no, saying he'll just have to ask over and over again, with Megumi claiming that if they can't get those two in the team, then they can't procceed with the production.  Megumi, being ignorant of Utaha's and Eriri's ture personalities, claims he can't get them because they're just uninterested in Otaku stuff, and also that he's only trying to get girls to join.  When she tries to apologize for going to far, Tomoya asks her if she wants to come over to his house tomorrow.  The next day at Tomoya's house, Megumi notices that his room looks like a sterotypical Otaku room, and then Tomoya makes the suggestion for them to play a non-eroge Galge before she can go home, intending to get her thrown into the world of Galge.  After Tomoya comments on the way Megumi sits while she's playing the game, he gives her a little bit of information on most Galge's, and then they begin to discuss who they should think about getting as team members for developing this Galge.  Megumi's idea is someone who's large, sweats even in winter, and wears a bandanna all the time, uses Dono all the time when addressing someone, and adds stuff like Duh or Buhi when at the end of their sentences; Tomoya's mind turned that description into a cute girl.  Megumi then admits that she only said that because she thought that's what Tomoya would want, and she doesn't know weather he's a terrible or a very nice person.  After Tomoya berates Megumi for not knowing what a Galge heroine actually is, Megumi attempts to go home, saying that today was fun, but Tomoya stops her, claiming that she has to get a good end wtih the game before she can go home, and manages to convince her to stay for a little while longer.  After several more minutes of talking and playing the game Sawamura ends up throwing Tomoya's door open, still angry at him, when Tomoya reveals to Megumi that him and Eriri were actaully childhood friends, and that she's also an Otaku.