Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Episode 10 is the 10th Episode of the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata anime series.  

Plot Summery

Tomoya, Eriri, Utaha and Megumi hold a video conferencing in regards to producing a game, and afterwards Tomoya heads off to have a bath, running into a girl, who has just had a shower. He realizes that the girl is his cousin, Michiru, and then the two catch-up on recent news. Michiel tells Tomoya that has run away from home due to a fight with her father over her membership of a band. After school, in the clubroom, Eriri is jealous that Utaha and Tomoya talk like friends. She complains about them, and triggering an argument with Tomoya. Megumi asks Tomoya about the game's script and then they discuss the BGM to be used in their game. After Tomoya gets contacted by Michiru, Utaha asks barrages Tomoya with questions about his relationship with Michiru. Tomoya goes home, and then is shocked to discover that his Otaku goods have been dumped in the garbage by Michiru. He confronts her about it, but she orders him to cease acting like an Otaku and to think about his future. After the two talk about her band activity and his Otaku activity, Tomoya gets in the bath, and while he is bathing he hears Michiru playing music. Her music touches Tomoya's heart and causes him to have a flashback to a scene from a game afterwards, Tomoya decides to introduce Michiru to his game circle.