The Ups and Downs at the End of Each Day is the 12th episode of the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata anime series, as well as the season finale.  

Plot SummaryEdit

The time for Michiru's gig begins, but to her surprise, her other memebers are huge otaku and due to this Michiru's music style is Anime-esque. Though at first mad she realizes she needs her friends regardless what her taste. Meanwhile Kato struggles to bring Utaha and Eriri to come to the performance seeing it as a betrayal to the circle. Much to her surprise, the crowd loved her band, Icy Tail, performance. Even though grateful for his help Michiru still puts Tomoya into a submission for the ridiculous costume she had to wear. Afterwards we see that the game is one route complete and even though Tomoya is extremely cheerful everyone but him and Kato are seen exhausted and unenthusiastic about working on the next route as the first season comes to an end.







Icy Tail(Secondary)