Budget, Deadline and New Development (予算と納期と新展開 Yosan to nōki to shin tenkai?) is the fourth episode of the anime series Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.  

Plot SummaryEdit

I have to say, I can still hardly believe it. It boggles my mind that it was Kasumigaoka-senpai who wrote these.

Megumi is impressed after she finishes reading a light novel series written by Utaha. Meanwhile, hoping to learn more about Utaha's new book ahead of the rest of the public, Tomoya has a job interview with her and gets a job as a part-time editor, much to her displeasure. It is then revealed that Utaha's series gained its popularity due to Tomoya featuring it on his well-known blog site. He spends much of the day writing an interview article, after which Utaha offers her assistance on his project proposal, surprising him. Later on, Eriri decides to join in on the project as well. During a meeting between Tomoya, Eriri, and Utaha in the AV room, Tomoya announces the production schedule and declares the release date to be during the Winter Comiket. However, because of the funding necessitated to further the project, Tomoya is forced to work a number of odd jobs. While working one of these jobs, he is shocked to see Megumi with another boy. Though it turns out the boy is just her visiting cousin, Keiichi, he chastises her for straying from the heroine formula and tells her not to see Keiichi for the time being. When Megumi tells him that she plans to go shopping with Keiichi, Tomoya asks her out, and she accepts.


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