Deciding the Night for Two (二人の夜の選択肢 Futari no yoru no sentakushi?) is the sixth Episode of the anime adaption, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.  

Plot Summary Edit

In a flashback, Utaha meets Tomoya personally for the first time during a book signing. She becomes impressed with his knowledge of her books and eventually is enamored with him. In the present day, Tomoya misses their scheduled meeting, which upsets Utaha. She then recalls an incident six months ago, during which she gave Tomoya an advanced copy of her final manuscript before its release, only for him to turn the responsibility down because she was only doing it to hear his feedback and not those of other fans.

I wonder when she’ll finally forgive me…

Later on, as a rainstorm approaches, she is surprised to see Tomoya running up to her in the rain. While allowing Tomoya to take a hot bath in a hotel room, Utaha is shocked after realizing her manager ordered the room for the both of them for the night. After taking a shower herself, Utaha has a conversation with Tomoya, who asks her for help in improving the game's plot. At first, she is upset by this, but changes her mind after he suggests keeping both storylines as game routes. After spending the entire night working out the plot, Utaha leaves the room, but not before acknowledging Tomoya as a creator. Meanwhile, Megumi and Eriri meet up at the mall, and Eriri manages to make a perfect sketch of the heroine's emotions after reminding Megumi that Tomoya abruptly ended their date by running off. 


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