A Wingman's Traumatic Recollection Mode (当て馬トラウマ回想モード Ateuma torauma kaisō mōdo?) is the 8th Episode of the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata anime series.  

Plot SummaryEdit

In Tomoya's room, while Eriri silently writes a manuscript, Tomoya and Eriri argue over some minor things regarding the deadline for submitting the dojin manuscript. Afterwards, Megumi and Tomoya play video games, and then he praises her, saying that she has become a fine Otaku. He asks whether Eriri will join "rouge en rouge", but she tells him that she has decided to become a dedicated illustrator for him. On the day of Comiket, Megumi is bewildered by the large crowd, but, by following Tomoya, she manages to arrive at the dōjin circle where Izumi is. When Izumi is overcome with emotion and throws herself on Tomoya, Megumi says to her without the slightest hint of emotion,

Since I'm being mistaken for his girlfriend and all, get your mitts off my Tomoya, you homewrecker.

Megumi and Tomoya then help with Izumi’s circle activity. When Izumi talks about Comiket, Tomoya is impressed with the quality of her works, because it has only been a year since she started. Tomoya concocts a plan and when Izumi talks with Megumi, Tomoya starts to carry it out. Thanks to the cooperation of Tomoya, Izumi's dōjin circle increases sales and is extremely well received, which makes a positive impression on Izumi. When Comiket is over and Tomoya leaves, he meets Eriri, who has Izumi's circle's book. Eriri tells Tomoya with teary eyes that she no longer loved by him, and then runs away. 


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