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I just want to live each day sleeping, reading and writing. There are other things I want to do but I can do those all while I sleep.

Utaha Kasumigaoka (霞ヶ丘 詩羽 Kasumigaoka Utaha) is one of the main characters of the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata series. She is an up-and-coming young novelist and a student in class 3C who has a secret identity as a writer.


Utaha writes her novels under the pen name Utako Kasumi (霞 詩子 Kasumi Utako). Her first novel Koisuru Metronome (恋するメトロノーム Koisuru Metoronōmu, lit. The Metronome in Love) was published under the Fujikawa Fantastic Bunko imprint and sold over 500,000 copies. She is both intelligent and beautiful, and is the brightest student in the school. Most of the students hold her in awe.

She is in charge of writing the scenario for Cherry Blessing by Blessing Software.


Utaha is a tall and beautiful slim-figured girl with mid-back length dark hair that she wears a white hairband and different eye colors in the anime and the light novel.

  • In the light novel, Utaha's eye color was brown.
  • In the anime, Utaha's eye color was changed to scarlet red.


Utaha is a hardworking girl who easily finishes writing their game's plot in the span of a night.

Her usual disinterested expression gives off the impression that she is an unapproachable person. When she is with the people in Tomoya Aki's circle, she reverts to her disdainful self who enjoys making sarcastic remarks. She seems to be calm and quiet, but she actually has a sharp tongue. Utaha can be a little aggressive, for example, when Tomoya said that he and Megumi would go out on a date.

Utaha is also very intelligent and is the smartest student in the school. She even writes plays for the drama club as a hobby.

She is also a little bit self-centered, but she never talks back to her parents, making her well-mannered. However, when Tomoya complimented her one time, she acted like a shy, embarrassed girl instead of her usual cold self and called Tomoya by his first name instead of Rinri-kun.



Tomoya Aki

Tomoya is her only friend that has been mentioned so far besides Eriri and Megumi. She used to call Tomoya Tomoya-kun (倫也君) but now she calls him Rinri-kun (倫理君). She began to call him by the nickname Rinri-kun after the incident of him not wanting to read her novel before it was published. That hurt Utaha, and Tomoya sometimes wonders if she has fully forgiven him for it. However, they are now on good terms and Tomoya also said that Utaha is his inspiration.
In the anime, it is hinted that Utaha has romantic feelings for Tomoya, but it isn't clear yet. Although she didn't show it in the beginning, she slowly began to show her feelings for him. However it soon becomes clear that her liking of him is far more than normal, going so far as to exhibit yandere tendencies. This results in her displaying a lot of affection for him both during their game design sessions out of school and regular school activities, subsequently making Eriri very angry and jealous. She has even slept in the same bed as him on two occasions. Furthermore, she is shown to be jealous usually when Tomoya gets close to other girls such as Megumi. She enjoys saying sarcastic jokes to Tomoya while teasing him. She gets a little aggressive when she gets jealous, usually when it comes to Megumi and Tomoya. In volume 7(episode 11 of season 2 of the anime), she stole Tomoya's first kiss, making Eriri very jealous.

However, in her side story manga, Utaha more openly shows affections to Tomoya such as teasing him in romantic ways, laying down on his lap or leaning against his shoulder when she feels like it, and also doesn't mind laying down with him on the same bed. Even with Mayu having the same otaku hobbies as Tomoya, Utaha doesn't exhibit the same romantic behavior that she does in the light novel when concerning Eriri. Rather she would attack him when she feels jealous.

Eriri Sawamura

Eriri sees Utaha as her rival. However, Utaha doesn't seem to be bothered by it. She sometimes teases Eriri about her flat chest. Occasionally, she gets into verbal fights with Eriri when she is annoyed by other things. They still get along when working on Tomoya's game. Utaha also takes pride in being one-up on Eriri when it comes to being closer to Tomoya especially when she managed to steal his first kiss from her leaving Eriri both furious and depressed.

Megumi Kato

Thers is not so much shown about their relationship (yet), but Utaha helped Megumi when she came back from Hokkaido to do the fate summons again. However, Utaha hit her on the head when she did it wrong. Utaha has also shown jealousy towards her for for receiving Tomoya's affection.

Sonoko Machida

Sonoko is Utaha's editor. They both seem to trust each other and Utaha has never lied about her book with her. They can have small arguments sometimes though. Sonoko also supports Utaha; she sometimes gives advice to her and she often brings up Tomoya's name. She is aware of Utaha's feelings and tries to support her and Tomoya. This, however, sometimes irritates Utaha, who tries to deny that she doesn't have feelings for him.


Name Etymology

  • The name Utaha means "poetry, verse" (詩) (uta) and "wings" (羽) (ha). The first kanji may relate to her profession as an author.
    • The name Utahacan also mean "song" (歌) (uta) and "feathers" (羽) (ha).
  • Utaha's surname Kasumigaoka means "mist" (霞) (kasumi), "elegance" (雅) (ga) and "ridge, hill" (岡) (oka).
    • Kasumigaoka (霞ヶ岡): Misty Hill.


  • In Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Blessing Software Special CD Vol.4, A Cover of Higurashi When They Cry's "Dear You" can be found with Utaha Kasumigaoka (CV. Ai Kayano) listed as the singer/artist.


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